moving back to the apartment?

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it has been almost two years since we moved to this house. the owners of this house has been posted in Holland so they were looking for some people to rent and take care of their house. that time they opened this house for rent, we were also looking for a house to rent. so we waited until they moved to Holland so we could live here. it's pretty conducive, our location. the house is in front of the park (or shall i say the park is just in front of the house?) just open the gate and cross the road and you're at the park! my boy's school is just a walking distance too... probably 4 blocks away from the house. commercial area is also walking distance... probably 30 minute-walk. sometimes i don't mind just walking to the shops. good for exercise too. all these conveniences are to be considered when looking for commercial real estate, right? one more year and the owners are coming back. now we're thinking... should we go back to our apartment?

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