My First International Travel

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We all have our own story of our firsts, right? One of my most unforgettable firsts was when I traveled international. It was my first time traveling in an airplane so when I got inside, I was all amazed at the features of the plane. It was Thai Airways so you can imagine how nice and big the plane was. I was with friends so my naivety didn't really show. But I made a mistake. I was trying all the buttons in my seat and wanted to see what happened. One of the stewardess came to me and asked me what I wanted. I wondered why she came to me, but I just told her I didn't need anything. Then later I realized I pressed the "help" button. Hehehe. Well, I couldn't help it. It was my first time. I needed to know everything.

My husband has his own story. He was aboard Delta Airways from his Atlanta tours. A stewardess came and asked him whether he wanted an earphone. he said yes straight away, thinking it was another free thing to get from the plane. The stewardess gave the earphone and said, 'It's for 3$ sir." My husband almost choked not because it was for sale but because he didn't expect he was going to pay for it.
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