My Spa Companion

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My girl is such an amazing girl. I went for a fish and foot spa and she joined me. She wasn't scared of the fish at all!

She was splashing the water so the fish was scared of her. Hehehe.

After the fish spa, I went for a foot scrub. It wasn't in the package but I wanted to try it. They basically scrubbed off the rough areas of my feet.
Samantha joined me for my foot scrub too. Good thing the girl who did my foot scrub was very gracious to include her in.

Hehehe. She just loved every moment of it, especially when the girl wrapped her feet in the plastic wrap.

The softening gel was okay for the kids because they used natural ingredients. She did for Samantha as well. Waahhh... Samantha's first ever foot spa was when she's 1 year and 7 months old! I had my first foot spa when I was already 30 years old. Kids are fast these days. They get all these kinds of exposure fast, I mean. Anyway, it was a good bonding time between mommy and daughter.
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