my victory hair

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there are just so many books that talk about great relationships and how to maintain them. one must admit that in order to maintain great relationships, both sides must work on it. it is not passive but rather, a work... a constant work. as married couple with kids, it's a bit of a challenge to keep that fire burning, especially when both sides are just too busy with their responsibilities as parents or as spouses. sometimes, we get too busy we tend to neglect our spouses, right? when that happens, especially in my case where my husband is a workaholic, i have to work on getting his when i get his attention and we become mushy mushy and end up having a messy hair, you'd know that i have met my victory hair. yes, that's the meaning of meeting my victory hair. in what ways do i get my husband's attention? i make a nice dinner for him, light up the scented candles, or essential (aromatherapy) oils and put on a light music. and of course, i have to make myself presentable too. I use VO5 hot oil treatment and it's just great for my hair. the treatment makes my hair look shiny and smooth and nice to touch. by using it one can have an

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