Normal or Nuts?

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Are You Normal or Nuts? There's an article in the Reader's Digest about this, for we, the article says, are group of nutty people. There are just so many quirks in us and we tend to think, is it normal, or am I just being nuts? There's one reader that asked Reader's Digest about being shy in talking to public:

>I don't like talking. I'm afraid people will think that what I say is stupid, even when there's no reason to assume that. I never talk on my cell phone in a public place, because bystanders might think I'm an idiot. Is that nuts?

I have found this mostly true for some Asians. We're just too shy to talk... to voice out our opinions. We are scared that we would sound stupid or silly if we say things. So we close our mouth and never say things at all. One of my family members also was like that. She refused to talk simply. Sometimes, she would just say, "okay" and acted like everything was okay. Until she started blogging. There, I realized that she has lots of opinions. She vents out her emotions and opinions in the blog. And you would never hear her talking about it in person! I think she needs to improve her self-esteem because it just shows how insecure she is. This is not the only quirks discussed in the article. There are more!

What about me, you ask. Do I have quirks? Yes! I do have. If I say no, then I'm not a real person. I find myself a seasonal person, which means, if I find something interesting, I would stick to doing it for a period of time. When I get bored, I move on to another interesting thing. You know, like a hobby. I would never have a one hobby that I like doing for a lifetime. It always changes. I hop from one hobby to another. Is this normal? Or am I being nuts?

What about you? Are You Normal or Nuts?. Care to share your quirks?