Samantha's Playgroup - Tumble Tots

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We're going to Samantha's playgroup (Tumble Tots - Subang Parade) again tomorrow. It has been 3 weeks now since we have started sending her. She absolutely loves it there. One thing I regret about Tumble Tots is that we didn't know it has been in Subang Parade for 10 years already! We didn't know there's a playgroup there! We used to drive all the way to Bangsar Village to send our boy to Gymboree. If we have known about Tumble Tots before, we wouldn't have sent our boy there. Not that we didn't like Gymboree. It was just very far from where we live. This is Tumble Tots playgroup program:

Designed to develop children's physical skills of agility, balance, co-ordination and climbing, through the use of brightly coloured Tumble Tots equipment.
The programme is structured to develop children's positive personality traits including confidence and self-esteem.
Each 45-minute weekly session combines fun, excitement and challenge in a safe and caring environment. All sessions use unique equipment and are run by staff specially trained to get the best out of your child. It is structured according to the different ages and stages of a child's development.

Tumble Tots Play

Child psychologists and educators agree that a structured programme in movement should be a part of every child's education

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