writer's block

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i have been sleeping late lately. i don't have my computer now coz it crashed. had to send for fixing. i've been using husband's lappy so i can only use it at night. last night was very bad. i started doing my assignments quite late already because somehow i didn't have any idea how to start writing. had a writer's block, i guess. so i just chatted with a couple of friends for awhile until the light bulb finally came in. i got to bed at 4:00am because after the first assignment, i was able to write four more assignments (plus interims) and had to wake up at 7:30am to prepare my boy to school and samantha and myself to go to her playgroup. and guess what... i got up, looked into the mirror and saw one huge acne in the middle of my forehead. Guess I should sleep early tonight... if no assignment will come through, of course. :)

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