Digital Makeover

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With the existence of digital technology nowadays it is so easy to create family keepsakes that will serve as a memory for the family. You just click that small button and you could store a lot of great captions and videos. But then, with digital technology not all people know how to maximize their digital experience. I, for one need help in creating movies, slideshows and such. The good thing is, there's Roxio Digital Makeover for us dummies. Roxio is there to help us add color to our digital world.

Take a look at this video created by Roxio Digital Makeover (Zoey and Chris). I saw the two movies they made: A Walk in the Park and Wedding Day Crunch. I especially like the Wedding Day Crunch as Zoey and Chris helped the couple Micheal and Monika put together a multimedia show that chronicles their lives just before the wedding. What amazed me was that they only started doing this two weeks before the wedding! I sure wish though that they were here before my wedding. I could have used some tips from them on making that multimedia presentation to show to our guests. It would have been more memorable. And with Monika and Michael, they helped them turn their shoeboxes of photos into a very memorable show to be shown on their wedding day.

Now you too can be star of your own show. Just enter the contest to stand a chance to be featured on the show and you can even win some prizes like HDTV, cameras and more! Ain't that fun?