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When I came to Malaysia, I have discovered a lot of things. I was opened up into a new world. One of the things that amused me was the use of English here. In the Philippines, our English is American standard. Here, the English is British standard. So you can imagine the difference in pronunciations and usage inspite of sameness in terms. We have quite a good discussion with those with my husband before. Like when you say "a couple" of things, how many are they? For us, technically conscious people, we straight away say:"of course, two." But in Malaysia, you can actually say "a couple of chairs" even if you mean more than two chairs. Another word which created another discussion for me and my husband recently is word "fittings."I have read in another blog that she used the word "fittings" to mean things that you use to decorate your house like lighting, furniture, fixtures, etc. So I asked my husband if it was right. He said yes. But for me, fittings can only be used for pipes! LOL. What say you guys?

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