Flushed Away

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I know I am so outdated with movies since kids came along. But old movies are great to watch too. Our recent family movie was "Flushed Away." It is an animated movie which was released two years ago but we only saw it last week. My son absolutely loved the movie. He was laughing like crazy and asking me questions like why worms can talk and all that. Hehehe. Actually it is another rat story in which a rat called Roddy (voice by Hugh Jackman) was flushed down in a toilet and landed in a sewer beneath London from his pent-house where he lived extravagantly with humans. Life among other rats was totally different from his wealthy life... but like most feel good movies, he met and fell in love with Rita (voice by Kate Winslet).

Watching movies with family is a great way to relax and have that bonding time. It helps release stress gained from busy-ness at work or even just doing things at home. But of course, we cannot be sitting all the time, otherwise we would be needing some fat burners to burn those extras we gained for sitting too much without doing anything.

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