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Looks like the kids are not going to Banting at all. Their grandmother is in Klang now, looking after our cousin who's having a cancer. Thusiani is suffering from cancer for two years now. She got better earlier this yet but in the middle of the year, there was some kind of relapse and it got even worse. She got an extensive chemotherapy and she needed to be isolated for three months. But she's a strong girl. After a month, the doctors said it's okay to send her back home. The only thing was, their house is not ready for her to stay at so she's staying in Ramesh' (my bother-in-law)house. My mother-in-law is the instant nurse because the grandkids she's been taking care of are now in Terengganu. Have I told you she's a nanny too for her grandkids? Sometimes I pity her because shes not that young anymore. But she pity her grandkids so much she didn't want them to be sent to a nanny next door so she offered herself. Very sacrificial she is. She even sacrifice her husband just to take care of her grandkids. Poor daddy. He was working from Singapore and he was all alone there only to come back here with the same situation. Well, life's like that. We can't do anything about it. As for Thusiani, they should at least obtain life insurance quote for her. Her life is at risk now. Nobody would know what's gonna happen. We can just pray. So today, instead of going to Banting, the kids with their daddy are going to Uncle Ramesh house to visit Thusiani and their Amama (grandma in Malayalam).

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