i need a change

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i have been using nursing clothes and nursing lingerie for more than 3 years now. i have to coz it's always comfortable wearing those especially that i still do nurse my daughter. so i had been going for clothes and other wears for comfort and not for trends. well, sometimes i do sneak in but generally now it's been for comfort. recently hubby and i went for shopping for new clothes for me. i decided to buy a couple of trendy ones. of course, it has to be nice on me, otherwise there's no need to go for trendy clothes if it doesn't look nice. then i spotted some nice, stylish lingeri. so i was thinking whether i was ready for a change already. then i decided, maybe not... but when i saw this Designer Lingerie my heart just went flip flop for a while. Maybe, yes. Not so soon though. i still need to wean daughter off from breastfeeding... which has to be soon already because she's turning 2 years old in three months time. the problem is... how do i wean her off? everytime i think of it... she becomes more sticky to me and she would latch more and more.

anyway, i saw this lingerie online from Freya and thought why not get one like this? it looks hot and trendy. this lingerie is available at www.boudiche.com. you might want to check it out. they offer different cup sizes for different body sizes. this was originated in scotland but is available in uk, us and international too.