Mr. Busy

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My husband is making a day trip to Alor Star tomorrow. He's going there for a meeting. He flies in the morning and flies back at night. It's another family day he's missing. He is just too busy nowadays, with Tour of Hope event that is going to happen in November. He's the chairman of the organizing committee so he's having his plate full just for this event. I hope he gets a long good break after this event. He's really working hard and he deserves it. Well, I've been working hard and I deserve a break, too, don't I? We're thinking of going for a nice holiday after this event. But I'm wondering, do we ever get a chance to go to Carribean? I heard there are nice Caribbean villa rentals available. It would be nice to go somewhere quiet and get ourselves ready for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I should start making a countdown now. I haven't started telling my boy yet but I'm sure he'll be excited. There are just too many things to do during Christmas holiday season.

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