My Favorite Disney Movies

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I know there's a kiddie inside me. I always like kiddie books and kiddie movies, especially that of Disney movies. I have seen countless disney movies but I can tell you my top 15 favorites Disney movies and with my favorite characters for each (not necessarily on order though):

Tarzan - Trazan and Jane

The Incredibles - Elastigirl

The Three Musketeers - I saw this a long time ago but I still love it now

Wall E - Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth - Class (he is very cute)

George of the Jungle - George

Pocahontas - of course Pocahontas was my favorite character

Prince Caspian - The Chronicles of Narnia - I loved the movie as much as I loved the book.

Ratatouille - Remy Rat as the chef

Remember the Titans - I watched this for 50,000 times. Hehehe. I loved Denzel Washington as Coach Boone. This is a very inspiring movie. Not a kiddie movie but it encourages kids to dream and pursue that dream with determination.

Aladdin - Princess Jasmin

Atlantis - Milo James

The Emperor's New Groove - Pacha (the real cool guy)

Enchanted - a mix of real people characters and animated ones - Princess Giselle was adorable here.
Finding Nemo - Nemo was everybody's favorite but mine was Dory. She cracked me up to the brim.

And Robinhood - Sherwood Buzz

How do I remember all 15? I kept all their DVD's! What about you? Can you remember your top 5 favorites? Care to share with me? We might have some common favorites. It would be fun to know. Anyway, there's a ScreenLife Game Disney Bingo DVD game which is available at and You might wanna try this game. I'm sure you will enjoy it.


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