respect or love?

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I have read once from a somebody else's blog about respect and that it depends on your attitude if you want to be respected. It depends on how you project yourself to be able to get that kind of respect you want. I remembered this because just recently, my brother-in-law and I were talking. He was driving his friend's car, the Jaguar. Before he returned the car to his friend, he decided to pump petrol since he used up some petrol already. Then behind his car was a BMW convertible. It was a Malay guy who drove that convertible. The Malay guy started talking to him nicely in English, complimenting him about the car and all that. My funny brother-in-law pretended to not understand English and he told the Malay guy that he was just the driver. Suddenly this guy's tone changed and asked him where his boss was. And he left my brother-in-law. LOL! So... how do we gain respect? By owning a jaguar? By being a career woman? By how we project to other people to the extent of acting aloof just to get that respect? I don't know and I don't really care. As long as I know people love me for what and who I am (and not because I do this and I have that), I am fine with that.

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