they just left

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our guests just left. we had such a great time with them. their daughter izabelle was such an adorable baby. she's only 9 months but she can already mimic everything we say. such brilliant baby. they're going back to the Philippines for one week and will leave for Burkina Faso after that. they lived in burkina faso for 9 years and they had such interesting experiences there. heard from them that burkina faso was the second poorest country in the world! it takes a real calling to be able to live there for a long time. i pray for God's grace and blessings for the family as they embark on another chapter of their lives. they've stayed in the Philippines for almost a year for a furlough and to give birth to izabelle. I'm sure when they go back to BF, there will be another adjustment for the family, especially for the kids and also especially that they have a new baby with them now.

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