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My husband has been telling me that I've been looking tired these days. Owe it to making money through blogging. Indeed, I'm having fun writing until I tend to forget the time already. So for the past few days I'd been sleeping early. It's good because I wake up earlier than everybody does. That means, I have time to reflect God's goodness before I get disturbed by: "Mommy, mewk!" (samantha saying: mommy I want milk). There are really a lot of benefits from sleeping early. It's good for the skin. It's better than those acne treatments available in the market. It's also good as we wake up with lots of energy, ready to face another day. I am a night owl. I've been one ever since. I used to wake up late too. But since my boy started his school, I have to wake up early. That's why I need to sleep early now. And it's good for health. I'm all for it.

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