Voir On Sale

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I love Voir. I like their clothes and shoes. Last month when there was a month-long sale in Malaysia and my husband asked me to shop for clothes for myself, I went to Voir in Subang Parade. Some of the clothes are really nice and fit me well. With my size like this, it's now hard to find the right kind of fit. There's a lot of plus size available of course but when you're not a plus size and yet the curves are not in the right place and diet pills won't work because I just need to exercise, then you would know what I mean. Voir is not cheap but I noticed that if I wait, some nice clothes that weren't sold out before would be on sale. Like the red chic dress I bought a couple of months ago. I loved it like crazy but I hesitated to buy because it was beyond my budget. But when I saw it a couple of months ago, it was on sale and I bought it straight away for half its previous price. Anyways, Voir is having a warehouse sale on 17-22 September. I might go for this one.

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