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There are just so many web hosts appearing nowadays. They appear like how mushrooms sprout overnight. Sometimes when you look for webhosting, you just feel so overwhelmed with all the offers and features. And with all the offerings, we tend to forget what we really want for a web host.

But the good news is that there's one website that does webhosting rating for all these web hosts available. Right now, they have listed the top 6 webhosts that they recommend. From yahoo hosting to inmotion hosting, you'd see what gets the 5 star rating. Actually, their rating is based from the customer feedbacks, availabiltiy, affordability, etc. I was just reading a forum and there is just so much complain about a certain web hosts. So it doesn't mean that when a webhost is cheap we go for it coz the quality might be jeopardized and we end up disappointed because it doesn't our needs.

Anyways, it is best to check the webhostingrating.com first to know which ones has the best offer for quality and more value for money. It not only help us decide which ones to use, it saves us a lot of time and energy searching about webhosting services ourselves. Also, they have a lot of articles that you might find interesting. I just visited the website and I read an article about web hosting and how it all began. Interesting read.