weekend at friday's

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we had lunch with a friend last sunday after church. went to TGI Friday's at Sunway Pyramid. i love sunway pyramid. there's a lot of things going on there on weekends. at tgi friday's, we ordered:

fried calamari as an entree

barbecue chicken caesar salad (which was very filling by itself because they serve a big portion.

sizzling chicken breast with cheese. the chicken was very tasty and tender

and diablo chicken pasta (with wine) which also came in a huge serving.
and of course, what is a good meal without dessert?

now with extra income coming in because of my paid blogging, it is easy to decide which food we want to order without worrying if we still have money for the rest of the month. weehee. and also, with a food like these, I sure don't need those diet supplements, do I?
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