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recently, i blogged about us having a car accident. i think my husband is still in a trauma. he was super careful just now when we were driving to send his mother back to his brother's house. last night when we came home i was going to give him a massage. but i wasn't feeling well... usually, i would feel like this when i'm super stressed or when i get too nervous. good thing i vomited. it eased me up a bit. as i reflect on what happened when the other car bumped our car... i realized i could be brave and bold. here's what happened:

when we realized a car bumped into our car, my husband pulled over. and of course, the driver of the car that bumped our rear pulled over in front of us. my husband came out of the car... so did they. there were three young men who came out of the car. i got more nervous and i was shaking all over because they came and looked angry and shouted at my husband. my husband was talking nicely only. but they kept on shouting at him. i couldn't take it anymore. i came down with my two kids in tow and told the guy to stop scolding my husband because even if it was his mistake, he didn't do it purposely. i told them to cool down a bit, call a police and settle everything. and i said those in a firm voice. amazingly they listened. and i went back inside the car because it was starting to drizzle. when we went inside the car, my boy started bombarding me questions... i already forgot them as i'm writing this... but one thing i remembered was... he told me to pray. He said, mommy let's pray. And so we did. It's amazing that my boy was the one who initiated the prayer. I felt there was a hard slap on my face... but glad too because all these teachings about prayer and things Godly truly worked! It is indeed never too young to be taught. As I remember a family member told us that his son was young to be taught about faith.

Well, I have learned my lesson. Never stop praying for protection.

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