family fun

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there are just so many ways to have family fun in a budget or even for free. i can point out at least a few ways to have fun with family:
  1. watch kiddie movies at home
  2. make pizza together
  3. play at the park
  4. going window shopping in malls
  5. fly a kite on the beach (if you happen to live near the beach)
recently, we discovered something new that would add up to my list. you don't spend so much and i am really sure that the whole family will enjoy doing this. play mini basketball! last weekend, we discovered this while waiting for samantha to finish her playgroup. it was so much fun. it's good for exercise and good for losing weight as well. you don't even have to take Leptitrex to lose weight anymore. just go play mini basketball. you only pay 1RM (that's about 30 cents in US currency) for 1 set. it is really fun. well, if you have a family and you want to compete with my family... let's go and see who can shoot more points!