My Journey Into Freedom Season 2

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Weaning my girl off from breastmilk was not that hard as I thought it was. The first day was hard but came second day, things were easier. I think what contributed to Samantha's tantrums was the fact that she was teething. I discovered this on the second day of my weaning her off. I check her teeth, and there, all four molars were coming out - all at the same time! No wonder why she was so grumpy these days. I blamed it a lot on "terrible two" stage. When I discovered she was teething, I really pity her because it was such a wrong timing to be starting to wean her off. If I knew she was, I would have delayed the process. But since I have started already, I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to make it harder for the two of us. There were things I want to highlight for this part 2 of journey into freedom.

day 2:
  • i'm glad i listened to the doctor and didn't get any lactation suppressant pill. he advised me to wait and see whether it would be so painful. it was indeed very painful on the first night, but i gave samantha a drink... so it eased down a bit.
  • i decided to go slow and easy. so on the second night, i gave samantha another drink - which i find very helpful for the both of us.
  • carried samantha to sleep since she wasn't used to sleeping on her own. she used to drink milk and fall asleep while doing so.
  • gave samantha extra hugs and attention
  • tried giving her Pediasure milk because that's her brother's milk until now. She could only drink a little bit and then she'd refuse. So I bought the Pediasure chocolate flavor because I thought she liked chocolates she might wanna go for this one. Same thing, she only drank a little. She liked eating milk powder. So I gave her the chocolate milk powder and water to drink later.
day 3:
  • was much much easier. i still put marmite (bovril) on my breasts because she would still ask for milk occassionally. i never tried saying no to her when she asked for milk. i would straight away offer to her... then she'd realize she didn't like it anymore. it's funny because now when she asks for milk, and when I say "sure?" now she would say "no."
  • of course, i still smell of a bovril (marmite). have you tried bovril on your toast? LOL. it's actually very very good as long as you put bovril thinly and mix it with butter. awesome. but of course, this time, i didn't do that. bovril is strictly for breast. hehehe.
  • when we have to go out, i just make sure i spray a lot of perfume to cover up the beefy smell. i use Banana Republic - classic perfume which is one of my favorites (the other one is clinique - happy).
day 4:
  • this time, she slept on her own already. i didn't have to carry her to sleep anymore. that's one thing to be grateful about.
  • i also didn't give her milk at night. we're progressing here! what do you think?
I just thank God that it's not that hard to wean her off. As I've said, the most challenging part was to make a decision and to implement it. And of course, it was very diffiult on the first day and night... but it got easier on the second day.

day 5:
  • success!
  • i'm ready to change wardrobes! LOL.
Congratulations to me!

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