My Skin is Aging?

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We were at Subang Parade just now. While my girl was in her playgroup with daddy, I went to a pharmacy to get something. There was a lady who approached me and asked if I wanted a free skin test. It was free so I said yes. They had this machine that they used to screen for health problems. It was like an ultrasound in fact. But was amazed me was... they only checked my nail! There was a tiny dot on my nail that meant I lacked Vitamin C. And there was a small white line I saw and the lady explained that I lacked antioxidant in my body. And of course, while explaining all my vitamin deficiency, there was always this product that could help alleviate my vitamin deficiency. Wee hee. And she made another test. This time, it was on the skin of my hand. And she told me my skin was aging! LOL! I thought of course... I'm getting old err... I mean I'm getting more matured... what do I expect with my skin... stay young? LOL. My mind was a bit sarcastic. But I know there are products that can stop your skin from aging. Now. What? Buy their products? No way. I think there are natural ways to slow down aging, if not stop it. Here are some natural ways to stop/slow down aging that I can think of:
  1. drink lots of water
  2. eat healthy stuff like fresh fruits and vegetables
  3. exercise daily
  4. get an ample sleep everyday.
It's a challenge... But if I keep it that way... I would probably slow down aging.