the presence of a father

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Our friend gave us copies of James Dobson's series of teaching about "Bringing up Boys" on dvd's a few years ago. My husband and I watched most of it. Everything Jame's said about raising boys (can be applied to girls as well) boils down to the presence of a father. A father figure is very important in raising boys. Most of the kids, according to the survey, that end up being juvenile delinquent are those kids that didn't have their father's attention or just plain fatherless. They end up looking for some kind of love outside home, thus, taking drugs to help them feel better and end up being addicted to drugs. Little do they know that to take drugs can make their lives worse. But of course, there are many drug rehabilitation center around that can help these addicts to be free from their addiction. Take for example the drug rehab in sunset malibu. They offer the most gentle and most effective drug addiction treatment. But not all can afford to go for a treatment. That's why it is encouraged that fathers spend more time with their kids, that fathers show love to their kids. There's nothing compared to the father's presence to be in the kids' lives, especially in growing up time.