Sunway Pyramid - My favorite Mall

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My favorite mall is Sunway Pyramid. I just love its intricate design (which is Egytian inspired). It is a huge mall... well, after they built it's extension, it became so huge your one whole day won't be enough to see everything. But of course, I won't know for sure if it's the biggest mall in Malaysia because there are other malls that are so big like One Utama Mall. Another thing I like about the mall is that it has a very good digital signage. Those were really eye catching you would want to buy whatever it's advertising. Hehehe. But of course, I'm not an impulsive buyer. My husband is. I don't shop just for the sake of shopping. I need to think a lot before buying things. But of course, there are times when the love-at-first-sight hits me. That's when I become impulsive buyer. But those times are occasional. So it doesn't make me a bad shopper, does it? Anyways, it's been a long time since we haven't gone to Sunway Pyramid. Hope to visit the mall soon.

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