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last weekend, we spent time shopping some small gifts for my two sisters-in-law. my other sister-in-law's birthday was a day before our wedding anniversary and the other one's birthday is tomorrow. we actually did a 4-in-1 celebration. buying gifts was fun. the only thing was... with two kids in the tow, it's quite a challenge. we went to marks and spencers at sunway pyramid. two kids were running around. tried to stop them... but they were wild. i think the saleslady there... she's quite young... i think she was a bit upset that the shop became very noisy with my kids laughing and playing around. she put up a straight face. well... i was gonna ask who the manager was and ask him what's wrong with the malay girl. the other lady at the counter was wrapping the things we bought and she was poking the wrapped gifts. so i went to the counter and stayed there so she would stop doing it. glad she stopped. anyways, sometimes buying online is better. heard that one can always find a best buy at