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My last two posts are all about gaining weight and how to loose that weight. I hope I am not tiring you with my endless rants on me needing a serious dieting. With holiday season coming, and with all the parties we're having at home nowadays, it's a challenge not to join the party and eat. What with all those yummylicious food, one will really have a hard time refusing them. Well, at least, for me... I have a hard time saying no to food. My appetite has increased a lot since I weaned my girl off from nursing. I know that I need to start exercising. But that will be another challenge: to find time to exercise. So probably, the best thing to do is pop in some Phentermine? Not really sure. Maybe, I'll start with my challenge to loose weight by cutting down my food intake. I think it's the better way. And stop complaining about my weight. Enough is enough.