He Loves Numbers

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"Mommy, I don't like letters." That's coming from my boy one day. So I asked him what he liked. "I Like numbers, Mommy." Uh-oh... is he going to be like his mommy? I thought he wanted to be a doctor and he's quite firm about being one. He started telling me and his daddy he wanted to be doctore since he was 2.5 years old. Now he's already 4 years old and he still wants to be doctor. But now... he's telling me he likes numbers! It's actually good too if he wants to be an engineer. So much opportunities await ahead, too, if you're an engineer. But to study it is a bit complicating... with lots of problem solving involved... all the numbers, all the symbols, linear equations, algebras, linear motion, and all the laws you can think of. It's quite fun, actually... but it's nosebleeding as well. If I could go back and be able to choose wisely, I wouldn't have taken civil engineering. I'd probably take Psychology. Oh well...