My Boy's Dream Car

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My boy is so much into cars nowadays. Everytime we drive, he would ask me what's the name of each car he sees. He knows very well the Ford and Volvo cars. He also knows Kancil car. I think now he likes Kancil cars the best, especially the red kancil. He said it's his favorite car. One day, when we were driving, he told me that when he grows up and becomes a doctor, he would buy a red Kancil car for himself. LOL. His daddy said he's just like his daddy. He was dreaming to buy a cheap and small car when he was young! Hehehe. Anyways, local cars are cheap. Petrol price and car insurance rates are also cheap for local cars. It makes sense to have local cars actually. It's easy to get the spare parts when needed. So my boy is making a right decision to have a local car when he grows up... for now. Hehehe. Boys will be boys, indeed huh?