Portable DVD Player

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I so wanted to buy the portable DVD player for our trip. I went to shop around for it but realized it's too expensive. So probably I'll buy it next time. Hubby doesn't wanna take our notebook for our trip... for safety reasons. Our movie nights will be on hold then. Or maybe go to the cinema and watch movie there instead. Hehehe. Anyways... we will continue having ovie nights when we get back home... I wonder how much it costs to have tv lifts. It sure would make our movie nights more comfortable... as you can place your TV in different locations... even at the foot of your bed. Well, for now, it's me and hubby without kids and movies. And I am enjoying every minute of it. Not that I am enjoying my time without kids. I am missing them so badly... but this is the only chance Peter and I have after a long long time to travel around without kids.