Silly Way

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A couple of nights ago, I decided I'd start talking my language to my kids. It was just a spur of the moment decision because we were having fun on the bed with the Christmas story I was reading to them. Then I stopped reading and told Schenker "Tama na. Matulog ka na" (it's enough. you go sleep now). Suddenly he giggled. I turned to my girl and said the same thing. She giggled. Then my boy asked me: "Mommy, why are you talking in such a silly way?" LOL. I didn't know that my language could sound funny to the kids. The rest of the waking night the kids were just laughing.

Last night, my boy asked me again if I could talk Tagalog. I talked Tagalog and again, he was giggling to the max. Then he asked me to sing Tagalog song also. And you know what I sang? Our Philippine National Anthem, Bayang Magiliw. LOL. Lupang Hinirang, I know, I know. I was just kidding. So I sang the song... with my not-so-good voice. After I sang the song, the boy exclaimed: "Mommy, that's a very nice song!" Hehehe. What can I say? The Philippine song is just sweet to the ears. I am glad he likes the song. Now I know what Tagalog song to teach him.

I was actually searching for the song Lupang Hinirang in Youtube and I saw charice pempengco's rendition. It was awesome. I also saw Regine Velasquez' rendition of the Philippine national anthem and she really sang it beautifully. She has that soothing voice. But the best video of all that I've seen was that of Sarah Geronimo's. She just sang with passion and pride. I loved that.