Helen O'Grady Drama Academy

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We have finally started sending our boy to a drama school called Helen O'Grady Drama Academy. We've been planning to send him there the moment he was born. Oh... I think we did the moment I got pregnant. That's how determined we were. Of course, we wanna send him to a lot of "schools" for exposure. We don't mean to impose it on him. We thought we would try and if he's not interested, then we'd stop sending him. But my oh my... he's indeed a drama boy! LOL. It's obvious the acting thingy runs through his veins. He's the youngest in the class by the way but he's doing really well.

Today is his third session. The image above was taken on his second session. Apparently, they are given a situation. Then they would act on a situation, with facial expressions. They are taught how to speak loudly and clearly without sounding like they're screaming.

Of course, the sister is exposed to it as well. She imitates her brother a lot. She has a long time to wait for her turn though.