Leaving Today

posted by Jan on ,


Hubby is going to Thailand for work today. The kids are still sick. I am a bit anxious. I hope the kids will truly get well soon. Such a wrong timing to get sick. Oh well... I'm talking as if there's a good timing to get sick. Anyways... this is the time when I think learning how to drive is a must.

I can't be too dependent, can I? Anyways, I have the things we need for the next 8 days. 7/11 convenient store is just a kilometer walk from where we are. The school is just a 200-meter walk. Everything should be okay. It's just that the kids are still sick. If they don't get well by Sunday night, I won't send them to school on Monday.

Probably when hubby comes back, I would be needing another holiday. Hehehe. Hmmm... that reminds me to check out some nice places to go and stay like Outer Banks. For the meantime, I need to have my breakfast now. Happy weekend friends.