Year 2009

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I know some people make fun of people doing new year's resolution. They said you can only keep it for the first few weeks, or days, at worst. But I do have my new year's resolution... everytime. If I can only keep it for a few weeks, at least I have a yardstick when I do my reflections at year-end. Hubby and I always do our year end reflections... just to see what we achieved for the past year... the challenges that we faced, the successes we achieved, etc. What really transpire, usually, in my new year's resolution is the financial area. We always do poorly in this area... year by year... we promise to be a better steward... but year by year, we end up asking God for forgiveness on the way we spend our money. This year, we're going to try our best, again, in managing our finances well... probably get a key man insurance to do our insurance? Hmmm...

What about you? Do you have your Year 2009 Resolution? After 17 days, are you still keeping them?