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How To Join Yummy Sunday?

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Yummy Sunday is a meme that show cases food shots... any food will do whether you cooked it, your sister did, your hubby did, or even the food you had at a restaurant. There is no theme. So you can post any food at any style you want.

Yummy Sunday opens on Sunday and runs throughout the week. So if you didn't have time to post your yummy sunday entry on Sunday, you still have 6 more days to do so... only it starts again on Sunday.

How to join Yummy Sunday?

Just post a food photo in your blog, grab the Yummy Sunday badge which can also be found at the left sidebar:


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and post it within your Yummy Sunday entry. That's all. Once you're done, come to Yummy Sunday link and put your name and url of your yummy sunday entry at Mr. Linky's.

No hard rules here. We're here to have fun and make friends.

I Am Back Home

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Home is where the heart is. There's nothing like home. I've been away for 2 weeks and it felt like forever, especially when my purpose of being away is not for holiday. LOL. Anyways, I am back home indeed. I need to catch up with a lot of things. I need to visit yummy sunday entries.

My kids were so glad to see me home. My boy kept saying he missed me so much and he was happy to see me. My girl held on to me like a leech. Nobody could talk and touch her except me.

But they're getting better now. They're in school, actually. I need to prepare for another trip. I have a wanderlust, have I told you? This trip was planned since last year. This is supposed to be a conference-cum-holiday trip. I cannot back out coz I didn't pay for the airfare and the conference fees and not to mention the hotel fees.

As I have said before, my first part of the year is filled with travels. One thing I didn't plan was a cruise... Probably I'd plan on it next time.

For now, I'm traveling with hubby for work/holiday. And yes, we're leaving behind our kids.

Filipinos in Brunei

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It was my first time traveling by Air Asia from Clark to Kota Kinabalu (Actually my first time traveling by Air Asia to the Philippines). We drove to SM Megamall to catch a bus to Pampanga. I reached Megamall quite early... so I had to wait. At 1pm, the bus left. We reached Clark at 3pm. The terminal only opened at 3:30pm. So while waiting outside, I met and talked to a lot of passengers. There's one common thing I found out from them. They're all in transit in Kota Kinabalu going to Brunei for employment.

All of them were first timers. Travel jitters were obvious... and I have overcome mine because of them. Upon knowing it wasn't my first time traveling, they all bombarded me with questions... which of course, I was happy to answer and assist.

When I sat in the plane, I met another lady that's going to Brunei. She thought I was also going to Brunei so she said good for you, you're still young. You can still do a lot of things. That started the conversation. I found out she had a husband that's still working in the Middle East. She left her two kids with her parents and when she mentioned her two kids, she stopped talking and cried. I could relate so much because I only left my kids for two weeks and I thought I would go berserk already.

All because we have to survive.

LRT's and MRT's

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When I was in the Philippines to renew my passport, I found that even if they were more expensive, LRT's or MRT's are really very convenient to use. Imagine... I would come Antipolo and travel to Pasay just to process my passport. And I have gone to Pasay a few times before I got my passport at DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) office.

From my sister's place, we would take a cab so we could go outside and take a jeepney to Santolan to get take the LRT. From Santolan, we would pass by 3 stations to get us to Cubao Station. Then we get off and walk for 10 minutes to be able to get to MRT Cubao staion. Then we had to go through 9 stations to get to Taft station. Then we would get down and take a jeep. Then take another cab (tricylce) to go to DFA office. That has been my routine when I was there.

It was so tiring but I enjoyed taking the LRT and MRT. I saw and observed quite a lot of people, most of them students from different technical colleges and schools and even from different universities.

It was nice to relive the moments when I was still in college. Those were the days when you didn't care so much about anythinge... except to do well in your studies so you can find a decent job when you finish school.

How to Play Chess?

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This is the nearest mall at my sister's place in Antipolo, the Sta. Lucia Mall. Everytime I visit her, which is once in two years, we always go to this mall. It's quite huge. The only thing is you get confused because the new building is attached to the old building.

Once when my sister went somewhere else and she asked me to wait at National Bookstore, I went inside thinking that it would be easy for me to find the bookstore. I was wrong. Took me a lot of asking before I got to go to the place.

I liked the National bookstore there. I bought a few things from there in fact. They had a lot of promotional products that were just so irresistible.

I bought a chess board. Yes, from the National Bookstore. Hehehe. I loved playing chess. I was only in Grade 1 when my father started teaching me how to play chess. I actually have gone to places playing chess. Can you believe that?

Now that I have kids my own, I also want to teach them how to play chess. Apparently playing chess can lengthen your attention span and can help a lot with problem solving. I have two more years to wait to teach my boy.

Yummy Sunday #15

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My apologies for not putting up Yummy Sunday earlier. I was on travel and in transit now in Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia. This week, Yummy Sunday features this Yummy Applie Pie from Tastebuds.

Bad Reading Habit

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I have a bad reading habit. I read in a not-so- properly lit up room. I read lying down. I read until dawn. My father used to rebuke me for doing so. He used to tell me I was very stubborn. He said if I continued on with my bad reading habit, my eyesight would be affected and I would have to wear eyeglasses.

Not sure if bad reading habit can cause a problem with eyesight. Is it true? Probably for some people it is. Not for me though. I could read and read and read... face computer day and night... but (knock on the wood - hehe) my eyesight is still good. Maybe it's genetic? Not really sure. What do you think guys?

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Things To Do

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I have a list of things to do when I get back home and I hope I will have time to do all of them for 5 days. I say 5 days because on the 28th, I and hubby are going to Cambodia for some meeting and a bit of holiday. Here's my list:

  1. spend a lot of hugging and kissing time with kids
  2. going malling... i.e. ikea furniture mall, subang parade, sunway pyramid, etc. Actually while I was doing my "rounds" here... I mean malling, I realize malls in the Philippines are a lot better. Forgive me, but coming here makes me more patriotic.
  3. bloghop - it's been a while since I didn't bloghop. I wanna make sure I vist friends' blogs.
  4. check out car insurance quotes Texas - work's call.
  5. prepare for our next trip.
So busy, indeed.

Using of Cards

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Using of credit cards here in the Philippines is quite a hassle, especially when yo don't have your ID or especially when the name on the card is not your real name. My name in my card is my married name. My ID/passport is my maiden name. That's where the problem begins.

I went to grocery shop for my sister before we went to Zambales. They wouldn't wanna use my credit card because I didn't have an ID. Good thing my sister Joy had a cash with her. So i borrowed money from her.

The other day, we went to Max's Chicken to have lunch. I didn't have problem with it. I was able to use my card.

Yesterday, we went to SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. I only had to pay less than 600 Pesos and they didn't wanna accept my card because I didn't have my real name on it. So I had to show my marriage contract to show them my hubby's surname. They finally accept it. But after I signed up, they still took a close look at my signature and compared it to my signature in my card. What were they thinking? I already had a document saying it was my card... they still wanna ensure I had the same signature for both the receipt and the card.

Oh... the hassle of it all. Mall of Asia may have high technology when it comes to POS system, but still some people had a backward thinking.

Don't get me wrong. I met a lot of nice and humble and polite people while I'm here. And I am really proud of my people. But some are just too much.

Perhaps, they just wanted to be sure... Perhaps.

I Miss Ikea

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One of the things I miss doing in Malaysia is to go to Ikea. I really love going there, if not for real shopping, then for window shopping. But of course, knowing myself, I never go out of Ikea empty-handed. I always have something to buy there. That's because they always have something new and interesting to buy. The kids' section is awesome. They have a lot to offer for children.

Ikea is complete. In fact, they have a showcase of every corner of the house. They have kitchen showrooms, dining show rooms, living rooms, and even office furniture showrooms. All the products are d-i-y (do-it-yourself) so it's kinda cheap.

And of course, who can resist their Swedish meatballs and diem cake?

Going to Ikea will be my top on the list to go once I go back home.

Yummy Sunday #14

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Hello, welcome to our 14th edition of Yummy Sunday. This week, Yummy Sunday is featuring FoodieJen's lasagna. Looks really yummy! Hmmm. Bad for diet. LOL.

If you wanna join us in show casing our food photos, you may join by posting any food photos (food you cooked or cooked by somebody else or food you got from restaurants), get the yummy sunday badge, put in your post and once your post is up, you may enter your name and url of your yummy sunday entry at Mr Linky's. Don't forget to visit other entries as well! Thank you!

Note: I have this posted early because I won't be around on Sunday.

Cheap Eyeglasses

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I used to wear eyeglasses before when I was still working. Now I don't wear those anymore. But many of my friends are wearing them. It is amazing to see how different people have different styles when it comes to eyeglasses. Some look really conservative and some look really modern. It all depends on their personality, I believe. If you ask me to choose which style I would wear if I have to wear them, I would chose this one:

And you know what, you can have this stlyish Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! That's really cheap, considering how much you spend just to correct your eyesight problems. Those eyeglasses are available at Zenni Optical. They are very cheap because when you buy, they deliver direct from their own factory so there's no middlemen involved. Zenni Optical eyeglasses are getting famous for their cheap and yet quality products. By the way, have you seen Zenni Optical in the New York Times?!That's how famous they are. If you want to read about it, just click this link: Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank and you'll see for yourself.

Yummy Sunday #13

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Today's edition of yummy sunday is a surprise. I am featuring a food shot from last week's entries. And this week, I am featuring a yummy entry from z dark room:

If you wanna join and showcase your food shots, just post a photo of food, any food (includes drinks too) will do, whether you cook it yourself, or somebody else did, or even the food from a restaurant. Easy huh? Then you can come here, grab the yummy sunday badge and post in your yummy sunday post. Once done, you can enter your name and your yummy sunday url in Mr Linky's. Don't forget to visit other entries as well and comment. Let's make this meme an easy and fun meme. Thanks!

Just a warning. All entries are really mouth-watering and super tempting. I get hungry everytime I visit entries and I tend to crave for those. Not good for those who are watching their weights... but with the best diet pill around, one can't worry of eating too much.


2/7/2009 entry

They Love to Cycle!

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My boy got this battery-operated motorcycle as a Christmas gift from his grandparents last year. Both of them just love using it. One thing that really warms my heart is to see both of them on the bike, together. Sometimes, they will fight who gets to sit first... but hey, they're kids and they're normal! But most of the time, you would find both of them sitting and riding their motorcycle.

My boy is into cars, motorcycles, airplanes and the like. Indeed, boys will be boys. He keeps telling us that when he becomes a doctor, he will buy a red sports car and a motorcycle for himself. Hehehe. To think about him driving a motorbike on the road makes me shiver already... although in Malaysia, there's a very good traffic system and the digital signages are strategically placed, still I get nervous just to think of him driving!

Anyways... time will come that he will indeed be sitting behind the wheels and I cannot do anything about it but pray for his protection everyday. LOL. Paranoia. Bad. I must wake up to the reality that indeed, boys will be boys.

Boy and Dog

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My boy just started liking dogs. I am glad coz now he's not scared. Everytime he goes to Banting at his grandparents' house, he would always look forward to playing with the dogs, Whoofy and Clumsy. Now he's asking me whether we can have dogs like Whoofy and Clumsy in the house. I am hesitant coz I never like to have pets in the house. I know if we have pets, I would have to mind them all the time... not to mention buying pet supplies.

I actually thought of buying a puppy last time, when my boy was still scared of dogs. I thought it would be good so that he would overcome his fear of dogs. But now, since he's not scared anymore... and since I don't like taking care of pets, it's easy not to buy.

Mommy Moments - Preggy Days

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mommy moments

I am joining a meme called Mommy Moments. This week's theme is preggy days. Here's my entry, taken in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand. I was six months pregnant but I looked really humongous! And brave enough to go on an elephant ride. Actually, I didn't stay long. I asked the elephant guy to stop coz I wanted to come down after 5 steps only. LOL.

Mulberry Wine

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My sister-in-law's family love making wines. Since she came into the family, we have been getting a good wine... not a commercialized ones. Apparently, her parents have a vineyard (and other plantations) in their place at Alor Star (?). I haven't visited their home yet... but sounds like a good place to visit. I have tried papaya wine, too... made by her father. And my favorite is the Muberry wine. Sweet. Smooth. Not too sweet though which makes a really really good wine.

Some friends gave us wine which tasted bitter. Another friend gave me a tip. If the wine has a bitter taste, save it for cooking. Hmmm... that's indeed a good tip. I can enhance the flavor of my dishes (especially with meat) by sprinkling a bit of wine while cooking.

Mulberry wine is really good. It's the wine of the month for me.

Yummy Sunday #12

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Welcome to Yummy Sunday #12!

Kanom Jin - Thai food that is usually served for breakfast. but could be eaten anytime of the day too. It is super duper spicy. But I love it. One of my favorite Thai food, ever.

To moderate the spicy-ness, you have to eat this raw green vegetables. Living in Thailand for almost 3 years got me eating these too.

What food are you showing off today? If you're Yummy Sunday joiner and your post is up, please leave your link here at Mr Linky's. And please don't forget to visit other food entries as well. Thank You!