Filipinos in Brunei

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It was my first time traveling by Air Asia from Clark to Kota Kinabalu (Actually my first time traveling by Air Asia to the Philippines). We drove to SM Megamall to catch a bus to Pampanga. I reached Megamall quite early... so I had to wait. At 1pm, the bus left. We reached Clark at 3pm. The terminal only opened at 3:30pm. So while waiting outside, I met and talked to a lot of passengers. There's one common thing I found out from them. They're all in transit in Kota Kinabalu going to Brunei for employment.

All of them were first timers. Travel jitters were obvious... and I have overcome mine because of them. Upon knowing it wasn't my first time traveling, they all bombarded me with questions... which of course, I was happy to answer and assist.

When I sat in the plane, I met another lady that's going to Brunei. She thought I was also going to Brunei so she said good for you, you're still young. You can still do a lot of things. That started the conversation. I found out she had a husband that's still working in the Middle East. She left her two kids with her parents and when she mentioned her two kids, she stopped talking and cried. I could relate so much because I only left my kids for two weeks and I thought I would go berserk already.

All because we have to survive.