How to Play Chess?

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This is the nearest mall at my sister's place in Antipolo, the Sta. Lucia Mall. Everytime I visit her, which is once in two years, we always go to this mall. It's quite huge. The only thing is you get confused because the new building is attached to the old building.

Once when my sister went somewhere else and she asked me to wait at National Bookstore, I went inside thinking that it would be easy for me to find the bookstore. I was wrong. Took me a lot of asking before I got to go to the place.

I liked the National bookstore there. I bought a few things from there in fact. They had a lot of promotional products that were just so irresistible.

I bought a chess board. Yes, from the National Bookstore. Hehehe. I loved playing chess. I was only in Grade 1 when my father started teaching me how to play chess. I actually have gone to places playing chess. Can you believe that?

Now that I have kids my own, I also want to teach them how to play chess. Apparently playing chess can lengthen your attention span and can help a lot with problem solving. I have two more years to wait to teach my boy.