I Miss Ikea

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One of the things I miss doing in Malaysia is to go to Ikea. I really love going there, if not for real shopping, then for window shopping. But of course, knowing myself, I never go out of Ikea empty-handed. I always have something to buy there. That's because they always have something new and interesting to buy. The kids' section is awesome. They have a lot to offer for children.

Ikea is complete. In fact, they have a showcase of every corner of the house. They have kitchen showrooms, dining show rooms, living rooms, and even office furniture showrooms. All the products are d-i-y (do-it-yourself) so it's kinda cheap.

And of course, who can resist their Swedish meatballs and diem cake?

Going to Ikea will be my top on the list to go once I go back home.

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