LRT's and MRT's

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When I was in the Philippines to renew my passport, I found that even if they were more expensive, LRT's or MRT's are really very convenient to use. Imagine... I would come Antipolo and travel to Pasay just to process my passport. And I have gone to Pasay a few times before I got my passport at DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs) office.

From my sister's place, we would take a cab so we could go outside and take a jeepney to Santolan to get take the LRT. From Santolan, we would pass by 3 stations to get us to Cubao Station. Then we get off and walk for 10 minutes to be able to get to MRT Cubao staion. Then we had to go through 9 stations to get to Taft station. Then we would get down and take a jeep. Then take another cab (tricylce) to go to DFA office. That has been my routine when I was there.

It was so tiring but I enjoyed taking the LRT and MRT. I saw and observed quite a lot of people, most of them students from different technical colleges and schools and even from different universities.

It was nice to relive the moments when I was still in college. Those were the days when you didn't care so much about anythinge... except to do well in your studies so you can find a decent job when you finish school.