Mulberry Wine

posted by Jan on


My sister-in-law's family love making wines. Since she came into the family, we have been getting a good wine... not a commercialized ones. Apparently, her parents have a vineyard (and other plantations) in their place at Alor Star (?). I haven't visited their home yet... but sounds like a good place to visit. I have tried papaya wine, too... made by her father. And my favorite is the Muberry wine. Sweet. Smooth. Not too sweet though which makes a really really good wine.

Some friends gave us wine which tasted bitter. Another friend gave me a tip. If the wine has a bitter taste, save it for cooking. Hmmm... that's indeed a good tip. I can enhance the flavor of my dishes (especially with meat) by sprinkling a bit of wine while cooking.

Mulberry wine is really good. It's the wine of the month for me.