They Love to Cycle!

posted by Jan on


My boy got this battery-operated motorcycle as a Christmas gift from his grandparents last year. Both of them just love using it. One thing that really warms my heart is to see both of them on the bike, together. Sometimes, they will fight who gets to sit first... but hey, they're kids and they're normal! But most of the time, you would find both of them sitting and riding their motorcycle.

My boy is into cars, motorcycles, airplanes and the like. Indeed, boys will be boys. He keeps telling us that when he becomes a doctor, he will buy a red sports car and a motorcycle for himself. Hehehe. To think about him driving a motorbike on the road makes me shiver already... although in Malaysia, there's a very good traffic system and the digital signages are strategically placed, still I get nervous just to think of him driving!

Anyways... time will come that he will indeed be sitting behind the wheels and I cannot do anything about it but pray for his protection everyday. LOL. Paranoia. Bad. I must wake up to the reality that indeed, boys will be boys.