Things To Do

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I have a list of things to do when I get back home and I hope I will have time to do all of them for 5 days. I say 5 days because on the 28th, I and hubby are going to Cambodia for some meeting and a bit of holiday. Here's my list:

  1. spend a lot of hugging and kissing time with kids
  2. going malling... i.e. ikea furniture mall, subang parade, sunway pyramid, etc. Actually while I was doing my "rounds" here... I mean malling, I realize malls in the Philippines are a lot better. Forgive me, but coming here makes me more patriotic.
  3. bloghop - it's been a while since I didn't bloghop. I wanna make sure I vist friends' blogs.
  4. check out car insurance quotes Texas - work's call.
  5. prepare for our next trip.
So busy, indeed.