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Using of credit cards here in the Philippines is quite a hassle, especially when yo don't have your ID or especially when the name on the card is not your real name. My name in my card is my married name. My ID/passport is my maiden name. That's where the problem begins.

I went to grocery shop for my sister before we went to Zambales. They wouldn't wanna use my credit card because I didn't have an ID. Good thing my sister Joy had a cash with her. So i borrowed money from her.

The other day, we went to Max's Chicken to have lunch. I didn't have problem with it. I was able to use my card.

Yesterday, we went to SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City. I only had to pay less than 600 Pesos and they didn't wanna accept my card because I didn't have my real name on it. So I had to show my marriage contract to show them my hubby's surname. They finally accept it. But after I signed up, they still took a close look at my signature and compared it to my signature in my card. What were they thinking? I already had a document saying it was my card... they still wanna ensure I had the same signature for both the receipt and the card.

Oh... the hassle of it all. Mall of Asia may have high technology when it comes to POS system, but still some people had a backward thinking.

Don't get me wrong. I met a lot of nice and humble and polite people while I'm here. And I am really proud of my people. But some are just too much.

Perhaps, they just wanted to be sure... Perhaps.

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