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No, we're not going to Australia (though I wish we are). But I saw the movie Australia by Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. It was quite an interesting story... like it says a lot about Australia's history... and the tribal people called Aboriginals. I didn't know that they had intermarriages between English and Aboriginals, but the result was mixed. So they were not white, they were not black either... kind of brown. That's where the complications started. But it's not where the story revolved. I'm not gonna tell you the story. Go check it out yourself.

I actually watched the movie from my computer and resulted in strained neck. I watched it from my computer because the DVD didn't wanna work in the dvd player. Nowadays, with the convenience of watching movies from portable players, who would need a big screen? Or who would need tv stands to put the big screen on? I probably would still need them. It's always better to watch dvd movies on TV.