Starbucks in Camerons!

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More than two years ago, when we were at Camerons, we were wondering why Starbucks or Coffee Bean haven't established their coffee shops there. We thought it would be a good business because people would naturally go for coffee or tea there.

More than two years later, which was last week, we were elated to see Starbucks in Camerons. It would be nice to have coffee there. Ahem, actually, I had a wrong motive. I was elated to see Starbucks. It would mean I could go online! LOL. I really have to because I need to check my writing assignments.
The other tea shop that we love have a wi-fi but we couldn't connect to the internet. It was connected and the signal was excellent but we couldn't open the internet. They must have a wireless security system that would allow them to block any outside users. Too bad. People nowadays would love to hang around coffee shops that have wi-fi. Their loss.

Posted 3/27/09