Flowers in Cameron Highlands

posted by Jan on


Another thing I appreciate about Cameron Highlands is the flower species. You can actually see a variety of flowers. I took some photos of the flowers that caught my fancy. Hope you enjoy them.

Beautiful red rose which you can find and purchase at the Rose Valley

Cacti which you can find and purchase at the Cactus Valley

Hibiscus is everywhere in Malaysia. It is Malaysia's national flower. I took this photo because I was interested to see the bi-colored (red and yellow) flower.

Antorium from Winter Home (the place my group stayed at)

And beautiful red hydrangea which I found in front of our hotel at Cameronian Holiday Inn.

Of course, I got my bunch a month from there too. I get a bunch of flowers from my hubby once a month. He bought me a bunch of red roses during this trip. I am truly a sucker for flowers.