Meeting with the Teacher

posted by Jan on ,


Today we went to school to meet with Samantha's teacher. No she didn't call us to complain. We are going for another holiday next Saturday so we won't be around for the scheduled parents-teacher meeting. So we asked whether we could meet earlier. And today was it. It was nice to hear the teacher's report for Samantha... her progress and development in school and how she interacts with other children. I realized that they haven't started teaching the kids how to read. This time, for their age, they only play, do a bit of arts and crafts, coloring, and nothing serious. I am glad to know.

The teacher was so passionate about her job. And I appreciated her for that. She then asked me whether I would consider going for work. I said, probably... but not too soon. Maybe in the future... maybe take up some banking jobs or teaching jobs. LOL. Whatever. I'll play it by ear.

We came home happy and contented with the report. Glad we didn't pull Samantha out from school. I almost did.