Oily Skin

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I have an oily skin. Everytime I wake up and look at the mirror, I look in disgust at the oil my face has produced overnight. My hubby on the other hand thinks I'm at my most beautiful moment when I just wake up. He would always compliment my oily skin. He thinks it's healthy. Women think otherwise. So we wash our face immediately after waking up, aside from the fact that it helps prevent skin breakouts, our face would look better too. Ladies, agree or not?

Anyways, my husband just read one of my articles about my problem with my skin before because I used to break out a lot. But he noticed nowadays I don't anymore. It's really a matter of taking care of your skin. You do your daily regime religiously and you are on your way to a smoother, beautiful skin. You may not need to do microdermabrasion for your skin. But of course, if you're in a hopeless situation, you may consider doing it.