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posted by Jan

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As you have known, our 5-day hotel stay at Langkawi was a gift to us by friends. They're such a blessing to us. Actually, they're a blessing to a lot of people, not just to us. I can see how God blesses them in return for their generosity. I always feel that we need to show our gratitude towards them everytime they give us something. They actually told us not to bother about it. The first time they gave us something (which was a digital camera), we gave the wife a box of chocolate. They told us not to do it again. So we gave her a bunch of flowers the next time. I think it is just proper to show some kind of thankfulness, right? So this time... what do we give in return? A laundry hamper for thew wife? It's quite practical. A thank you card? Maybe. What do you think?